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Indoor Shooting Range (minimum 4 people)

Everybody like James Bond movies, right? But have ever tried shooting in real life? It is not as easy as it seems. Now you have the opportunity to see if you really are sharp shooter material. You will be taught how hold the weapons how to aim and shoot. We are the only people in Belgrade that will give you the chance to shoot the popular Kalashnikov assault rifle.

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Skydiving (minimum 2 people)

A tandem jump is the way to go if you want the ultimate joy-ride, accompanied by a professional instructor with thousands of jumps behind him, you can enjoy one of the most memorable moments of a ME time. After a short briefing about of the safe exit from the aircraft, control in the freefall and the landing, you will take off for a flight up to 3500 meters (14 000 ft.), securely attached to a qualified instructor, you will jump and taste amazing freefall at 200km/h! Weather permitted.

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Go-Karting (minimum 4 people)

Try Go-karting with your mates on a modern karting circuit in Belgrade.  It’s a unique opportunity to test your driving skills and show off who’s the king of the track. The 800 meters long track with 18 curves guarantees is an unforgettable experience and a lot of fun.

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Bubble football (minimum 8 people)

There’s a new game in town: bubble football. Hilarious to play or watch, it’s good exercise and it’s one of the safest sports there is. Played much like classic football, on the same field, it has one major difference that transforms it completely.

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Paintball (minimum 8 people)

Paintball is a game that all young people know and like, why? You play the role of a soldier in a war, but without the possibility of dying. This is a game which increases you adrenalin level since bullets fly quite fast around you, when you try to target and shoot down your opponent.

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Clay Pigeon shooting (minimum 5 people)

If you fancy doing something new, why don’t you try Clay shooting? It is an adrenalin experience, demanding your concentration, quick eye, and sharp reflexes of a hunter.  You will spend your time outdoors surrounded by beautiful nature and it’s an ideal opportunity to show off your shooting skills to friends in an exciting competition.

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Clubbing (minimum 5 people)

To one of Belgrade’s most exclusive nightclubs, as with most emerging club scenes it’s the International Dj’s who are at the forefront.  An increasing number of big names are heading to Belgrade, drawn by the buzz of a city in love with dancing and wild partying

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Adult Entertainment

(On request)